Why Airport Advertising?

Did you know that advertising at Airports makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results for your brand?

Your consumers are there and waiting for you! Each year our Airports play host to millions of passengers; highly sought-after consumers ranging from the top-income baby-boomers spending their sunset years traveling, to the busy high-earning business executives flying in and out from one meeting to the next, to the tech-savvy trendsetting millennials setting their sights on new travels adventures and higher-learning institutions.

IAAC runs the advertising programs for some of the small-medium size Airports in the region of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.



We are an organisation that is exclusively dedicated to Airport Advertising. Our primary objective, beyond improving the aesthetics in an Airport, is to  help Airports increase their profitability. We can grow your non-aviation income by creating award winning Airport Advertising Programs, using state-of-the-art media to highlight our unique expertise.

We can help Advertisers target consumers through bespoke campaigns for any brand located in strategic areas which consistently exhibit  high dwell times.


Growth Specialists

IAAC has an established in-house media sales team devoted exclusively to the development and growth of advertiser sales – both in terms of national and international marketplaces – within the scope of Airport Advertising.

The media Growth Specialists are there to address the advertising needs of clients –a one-stop shop earmarked to provide a comprehensive approach for media planning and spending in airports.

With considerable experience and vital expertise in the arena of airport media sales, our Growth Specialists customize a tailoring to the specific parameters and objectives of each client in order to guarantee optimum results.

Our Airport Sales Team are poised to help clients with tailor-made and creative out-of-the-box media solutions, and can advise on the most effective implementation of  media campaigns, from the simplest to the most complex.

Contact Details of Sales Department:



Team Principles


Business Development

The central directive of the IAAC business development department is to conceptualize and then implement any number of strategies designed to grow an airport advertising program.

Such methods include monitoring local, regional, and global marketing opportunities, assessing the business viability of target markets, amassing verifiable intelligence information on  customers, analysing passenger traffic flows, drafting tender submissions, and crafting suitable business models – in short,  evaluating an airport advertising program and then customizing a strategy to realise its full potential.

Contact Details of BD Department: nicolas.c@airportadvertising.com