Heraklion Airport

With over 60 operators using Heraklion International Airport, the primary airport on the Greek island of Crete stands as the 2nd busiest airport in Greece, second only to the country’s capital city airport in Athens. With passenger traffic numbers increasing steadily the last 4 years, 2017 is poised to be the year that Heraklion breaks the 7 million passenger traffic mark for the first time. A relatively recent expansion of its Terminal in 2005 has aided in upgrading and modernizing the Airport and providing the opportunities for advertising media which are highly visible and impactful.

Heraklion Airport Advertising

IAAC provides a big range of airport advertising options at Heraklion Airport in Crete. Reach both visitors to Crete and local travellers with first class advertising on aweome displays and screen at competitive rates. Heraklion airport advertising is the right place to advertise in Crete!

Seamless Displays

With the vibrancy of an oil color painting, seamless displays are comprised of canvas-like material stretched to size, framed discreetly, illuminated with energy-efficient lights – static exclusive media comes alive with the application of HD color on canvas.

Sliding Doors Adhesives

The motion of the Sliding Doors is ideal to attract the eye of the passengers. The Check In Hall Sliding Doors target 100% of the departing passengers. The combination with the Wall/Floor Wrap makes this medium impossible to miss.

Sequential Digital Video Strip (SDVS)

What if instead of one digital screen or two digital screens or 3 digital screens, we placed multiple digital screens together to create an entire digital wall? The result is impactful eye-catching media that stands out from the rest.

Charging Stations

Interactivity. Smartphone Technology. Tech-Savvy Millennials - buzzwords in the advertising industry that speak to the changing face of advertising and the future of targeted demographic marketing. Marching in step with these changes, we have installed a sequence of charging stations in Departure lounges offering consumers an opportunity to charge up their smartphone, iPad, or tablet – encouraging interactivity and providing a much-needed service for consumers and Airports alike.