Phnom Penh International Airport

Operated by Cambodia Airports, a joint venture between Vinci Airports (70%) and Muhibbah Masterron Cambodia (30%), Phnom Penh International Airport is the country’s main gateway into Cambodia, serving over 6 million passengers in 2019 alone.

Phnom Penh Airport Advertising

IAAC provides a wide range of airport advertising opportunities at Phnom Penh Airport. Reach both international visitors, as well as local travellers, with the latest in innovative media. As the country’s premier communication gateway, the advertising program at Phnom Penh Airport affords brands the access they need in order to target the most elusive and sought-after consumer demographics – namely, the high-net-worth individuals and business decision makers who fill the halls of the Airport every day.


Strategically positioned in key locations along the route leading both into, as well as out of, the Airport, the Outdoor Digital Units will revolutionize how brands communicate with travellers who are entering or exiting the Airport - 5 displays


With so many brands seeking to connect with arriving passengers at Phnom Penh Airport, our new innovative Digital Arrivals Network (DAN) - comprised of 10 large format, double-sided LED displays positioned on each of the baggage carousels - provides the perfect opportunity to target consumers. With the option for either a short term or long-term contract, DAN advertising runs in synch on all 10 screens simultaneously – affording companies ultimate visibility and full impact with a 100% share of voice for 15 seconds every loop.


Similarly, for advertisers seeking to reach departing passengers, our new Digital Departures Network (DDN) - comprised of thirteen 75” digital portrait totems positioned in key departure touch points - provides unparalleled access to the demographic of choice. Particularly attractive for marketers looking to distinguish their offerings within the Travel Retail, Tourism, Electronics, Banking and Finance sectors, a slot on our DDN will raise a company’s profile immediately and set it apart from others in the same industry.  Just six advertisers per rotation to ensure maximum impact and coverage audience. 13 screens


With the vibrancy of an oil colour painting, seamless backlit displays are comprised of canvas-like material stretched to size, framed discreetly, and illuminated with energy-efficient lights – 15 displays


New for 2023, IAAC will introduce a limited number of exceptional quality, large format, digital displays positioned in areas of high traffic and extended dwell time.  With their imposing oversized presence, innovative technology, and strategic placement, these digital displays are set to take airport advertising at Phnom Penh to the next level – 7 displays