Paphos Airport

The second of two International Airports on the island nation of Cyprus, Paphos Airport underwent a total re-design overhaul in 2008, necessitated by the growing number of passengers landing on its tarmac every year. Currently playing host to 22 operators and over 2.3 million passengers each year, Paphos Airport traffic has exhibited remarkable passenger growth since its refurbishment, including a 25% jump in traffic numbers since 2011.

Paphos Airport Advertising

Advertising at Paphos Airport is easy with IAAC. Reach tourists to Cyprus with impactful and impressive advertising displays. Contact us for more information.

Seamless Displays

With the vibrancy of an oil color painting, seamless backlit displays are comprised of canvas-like material stretched to size, framed discreetly, illuminated with energy-efficient lights – static exclusive media comes alive with the application of HD color on canvas.

Video Wall

What if instead of one or two or three digital screens, we placed multiple digital screens together to create an entire digital wall? The result is an impactful eye-catching video wall that stands out from the usual and impresses airport visitors.


Backlit Scrollers strategically positioned around the Paphos Airport terminal for optimum visibility and maximum impact. In PFO scrollers are also installed on all baggage claim belts in an area with high dwell time.

Outdoor Displays

Strategically located at all positions of note, including the entrance/exit ramps, the roundabouts leading up to drop-off and pick-up, the entrance/exit of the airport parking areas - where there is a moment to capture the attention of a consumer, we do so with jumbo-sized, exclusive, and static outdoor displays.