Larnaca Airport

Larnaca International Airport stands as the central aviation hub for Cyprus with more than 800 arrival flights each month, and annual passenger traffic numbers beyond 6.6 million and growing. As the larger of the two commercial airports on the island, LCA ushers through its doors each year a significant number of high-income visitors.  With a significant portion of these well-heeled visitors originating from CIS countries and Russia, these visitors represent the target consumer demographic for companies marketing high-end goods and services. Where marketing costs are often prohibitively high in the domestic Russian market, companies can target their consumer of choice in LCA with significantly reduced advertising cost, thereby ensuring an enviable ROI.

Larnaca Airport Advertising

IAAC provides a huge range of airport advertising optins at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. Reach both visitors to Cyprus and local travellers with premier advertising on spectacular displays and screens at competitive rates. Your gateway for reaching consumers with your advertising message is Larnaca Airport!

Digital Cubes

Huge 3-D digital cubes comprised of multiple HD screens, projecting images in sync to all arriving passengers – inescapable, one-of-a-kind and visually arresting. With 5 digital cubes consisting of 150 screens, your message will be presented in front of all arriving passengers.

Sequential Digital Video Strip (SDVS)

What if instead of one digital screen or two digital screens or 3 digital screens, we placed multiple digital screens together to create an entire digital wall? The result is impactful eye-catching media that stands out from the rest. We installed 124 screens across both arrivals corridors to make sure that no passenger will miss your message.

Exhibit Displays

Sometimes even the most beautiful image cannot carry the same impact as seeing the real thing up close and personal – having the opportunity to touch, to smell, to feel, to observe the product in action. Exhibit displays are the perfect way of connecting your product with your consumer.

Seamless Backlit Displays

With the vibrancy of an oil color painting, seamless backlit displays are comprised of canvas-like material stretched to size, framed discreetly, illuminated with energy-efficient lights – static exclusive media comes alive with the application of HD color on canvas.

Digital Networks

Where you see one, you will see many many more. HD digital screens strategically placed within comfortable optical range and always displaying client artwork in sync - an effective way to capture the attention of passengers using a busy airport.

VIP Lounge Displays

Advertising within a  controlled environment with a targeted demographic represents Airport Advertising’s strongest suit. The holy grail for advertisers? The ability to customize a marketing campaign to reach with laser precision the highly sought after C-level executives and high-income earners  demographics. The solution? The VIP Lounges - replete with advertising opportunities for companies seeking to take a smarter approach to building their brand and their business.

Outdoor Displays

Strategically located at all positions of note, including the entrance/exit ramps, the roundabouts leading up to drop-off and pick-up, the entrance/exit of the parking areas - where there is a moment to capture the attention of a consumer, we do so with jumbo-sized, exclusive, and static outdoor displays.