Malta Airport

With over 30 partner airlines and serving 80+ destinations throughout Europe and beyond, Malta International Airport stands at the forefront of new wave of modern, customer-service orientated Airports, with upgraded retail, food and beverage and advertising options. The only Airport serving the Maltese islands, it was ranked third in Airport Service Quality out of 284 Airports reviewed at last year’s ACI Awards (Airports Council International Awards). Having surpassed the 5 million passenger traffic mark last year, Malta Airport is well on its way to continued impressive traffic growth as its continues to renovate and expand its premises to meet the ever changing dynamic needs of its passengers.

Malta Airport Advertising

IAAC provides a wide range of airport advertising opportunites at Malta Airport. Reach both visitors to Mata and local travellers with premium advertising on spectacular displays at competitive rates. High impact campaigns take off from Malta Airport!

Seamless Backlit Dispays

With the vibrancy of an oil color painting, seamless backlit displays are comprised of canvas-like material stretched to size, framed discreetly, illuminated with energy-efficient lights – static exclusive media comes alive with the application of HD color on canvas.

Runway Display

Impact is all when passengers take their first look at Malta and this is the highest impression medium in the airport.  The strategic position is prominent in the arrivals concourse corridor for maximum reach, being the greeting message to all travelers that pass through the airport on an annual basis.

Digital Skyscrapers

Located centrally, the Skyscraper Video Wall targets all arriving passengers at Malta International airport as well as all meeters and greeters. The high dwell times offer the possibility of a client gaining high frequency by creative means.

Digital Networks

Where you see one, you will see many many more. HD digital screens strategically placed within comfortable optical range and always displaying client artwork in sync - an effective way to capture the attention of passengers using a busy airport.


Strategically located at all positions of note, including the entrance/exit ramps, the roundabouts leading up to drop-off and pick-up, the entrance/exit of the parking areas - where there is a moment to capture the attention of a consumer, we do so with jumbo-sized, exclusive, and static outdoor displays.