Budapest Airport

The International Airport serving the Hungarian capital city of Budapest, and by far the largest of the country's four commercial airports, has won the Skytrax Best Eastern European airport award the last three years. Serving as a regional hub for both Wizz Air and Ryan Air, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport saw its passenger traffic numbers grow over 11 million by the close of 2016. In effectively addressing the growing needs of a rapidly expanding passenger base, Budapest International Airport has undertaken significant investments in order to expand its capacities, including the construction of the SkyCourt, a new terminal building linking Terminals 2A and 2B which was inaugurated in March 2011. Future developments already underway include a new cross docking facility for DHL and TNT Express, a new pier for Terminal 2B, a new state-of-the-art ibis Styles Hotel Budapest Airport, and the opening of a third Terminal (2C) within the next 3 years.

Budapest Airport Advertising

IAAC makes available a huge array of airport advertising opportunites at Budapest Airport. Reach both visitors to Hungary and local travellers with premium advertising on awesome displays at competitive rates. Your brand's journey starts at Budapest Airport!

LED Displays

The crispness of the image, the saturation of the color scheme, the size of the media itself - the LED displays on offer at our various airports are the established landmark vanguards of our digital media.

Charging Stations

Interactivity. Smartphone Technology. Tech-Savvy Millennials - buzzwords in the advertising industry that speak to the changing face of advertising and the future of targeted demographic marketing. Marching in step with these changes, we have installed a sequence of charging stations in Departure lounges offering consumers an opportunity to charge up their smartphone, iPad, or tablet – encouraging interactivity and providing a much-needed service for consumers and Airports alike.

Exhibit Displays

Sometimes even the most beautiful image cannot carry the same impact as seeing the real thing up close and personal – having the opportunity to touch, to smell, to feel, to observe the product in action. Exhibit displays are the perfect way of connecting your product with your consumer.

Seamless Backlit Displays

With the vibrancy of an oil color painting, seamless backlit displays are comprised of canvas-like material stretched to size, framed discreetly, illuminated with energy-efficient lights – static exclusive media comes alive with the application of HD color on canvas.

Sequential Digital Video Strip (SDVS)

What if instead of one digital screen or two digital screens or 3 digital screens, we placed multiple digital screens together to create an entire digital wall? The result is impactful eye-catching media that stands out from the rest.

Outdoor Displays

Strategically located at all positions of note, including the entrance/exit ramps, the roundabouts leading up to drop-off and pick-up, the entrance/exit of the parking areas - where there is a moment to capture the attention of a consumer, we do so with jumbo-sized, exclusive, and static outdoor display