Business Travel Is More Important than Ever

  • 7 October, 2022
  • iaac

Research and neuroscience has demonstrated through a series of findings that it is not the disposition or a low fat gluten free diet that keeps people healthy, it is their emphasis on close personal relationships and face to face interactions.

How much you interact with people as you move through your day? How many people do you talk to? And this means both your weak and your strong bonds in life. So not just the people with whom you are close to or mean a lot to you but also the people with whom you might not be getting along. These interactions according to research are the strongest predictors of how long you live.

Therefore, it is important according to Susan Pinker that you work with others in an environment, you socialize and you interact physically. So the real question is, if we are spending more time online than on any other activity including sleeping – why distinguish between interacting in person and digital interaction?

The short answer to this question is no. Face to face contacts release a whole cascade of neurotransmitters and like a vaccine, they protect you now in the present and well into the future. So simply making eye contact with somebody, shaking hands, giving somebody a high five, is enough to release oxytocin which increases your level of trust and lowers your cortisol levels. So, it lowers your stress. And of course, dopamine is generated which gives us a little high and kills pain – it is like a naturally produced morphine. And according to FT, an article issued in June of 2022, claims that the Business Travel will be back, stronger than ever.

Airport Advertising can help you and your brand target this demographic.  With Business travel’s big buzzword now being “bleisure”, this opens a huge opportunity for brands to go after the business traveler. And ‘bleisure’ is exactly what it sounds like—a blend of business and leisure. A typical bleisure trip might be a three-day work trip with a few days of play tacked on to the front or back end.

In conclusion, despite the fact that the pandemic has left a lingering effect on business travel, research shows that without the human interaction and the physical energy, we cannot be as efficient with our deals. With Airport Advertising targeting decision makers who are attuned to information in their environment is the best way to target the early adopters, the high spenders and one of the most difficult demographics to catch through other type of media.