Building Brand Trust

  • 5 December, 2023
  • iaac

Trust is the pivot stone on which a brand in a choice-dominated world turns from an ordinary good to extraordinary. Consumers lean towards the familiar and trust influences our biases. Familiarity bias, a cognitive phenomenon where individuals prefer the familiar over the unfamiliar, is deeply ingrained in human psychology. When it comes to brands, this bias becomes a potent force in shaping consumer perceptions and decisions. The more familiar a brand is, the more likely it is to be trusted. The use of out-of-home media is possibly the best effective way of creating and increasing the level of brand trust.

Out-of-Home media is a medium that addresses individuals en masse. The process of the communication strategy involves billboards, mall advertising, stadia and airport advertising just to name a few in high traffic areas – which act as a visual symphony attracting attention and reinforcing the brand knowledge.

Unlike skippable or ignore-able digital online ads, OOH advertising becomes a part of our surrounding and of who we are and become. The ongoing visibility builds confidence towards a brand as a trusted companion for the consumers’ commute, leisure and travel. According to a research study performed by HeartBeats, the Research arm of Ad Board Media Group, 52% of the people asked, trust a brand when advertised on a Roadside Billboard,  58% trust a brand advertised in a Shopping Mall and 76% trust a brand when advertised in an Airport.These findings are convergent with the findings of a study that brand trust ranks as a top buying consideration.

Trust is the currency that sets successful brands apart. By understanding and leveraging the familiarity bias through Out-of-Home advertising, your brand can not only stand out but also become a trusted and familiar presence in the lives of your audience.